Facebook Adds A Save Button Since There’s Too Much Crap On Your News Feed

Facebook Launches Save Feature Allowing Users To Bookmark Links And Other Items

Facebook Save Reminders And since there’s only so many listicles one can read in a day, Facebook just added a “Save” feature that compiles all your readables for viewing at your leisure. Just click the little arrow on the corner of something that piques your interest, hit save, and the item will be added into its own (private) section. And if you have a tendency to forget about things you’ve saved for later, Facebook will occasionally send you a reminder in your News Feed, which, as far as Facebook goes, is relatively unintrusive and handy.

Facebook lets users squirrel items away – Yahoo News

For example, we might show you links to articles you saved. Facebook will also remind you of items saved to Facebook from time to time. Facebook The Facebook save feature joins a number of bookmarking apps such as Delicious and Evernote, which allow users to save bookmarks and snippets of the web on the fly. The Menlo Park, California, social networking giant has continued to experiment with new ways to generate revenue, including a new buy button, which allows users to purchase products directly from a vendor without leaving the Facebook website. The save feature is expected to be rolled out to Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, Google Inc.

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